Our Catalog
Job Description: Sales and Marketing Executive
Department: Sales and Marketing
Reports to: Domestic and Export Sales Manager


  • Promote FBK brand to parts shops, retailers and repair shops in Malaysia, directly and indirectly, to improve penetration and to find new resellers or installers..
  • Daily feedback on urgent findings to be shared with the superior, (if any).
  • On a monthly basis, report and identify the tactics, objectives and decisions needed to improve short and long-term sales and profits
  • Weekly report on job and findings which include data analysis.
  • Monthly report on achievements of targets set on KPI.
  • Follow-up activities with performance status of each local dealer- corrective actions etc.
  • Product sales analysis of products, part numbers and customer trends. Spot weakness to be addressed and act proactively.
  • To plan and ensure achievement of sales budget.
  • Responsible to report competitors’ activities in the market and implement planned measures
  • To study and propose development of new range of items for the market and to find new markets for newly developed items.
  • In line with the communication mechanisms to be developed to our market and customers: drive the agenda to ensure our needs are joined up to our communication.
  • Maintain and direct a sales development plan for all major accounts under direct control.
  • To develop and maintain relationships with all key existing, new and potential customers.
  • To visit our key customer base to reinforce our brand values, ensuring all opportunities (identified from reports) are followed through promptly. Gaining valuable insight into the customers’ needs and expectations of the FBK brand, gathering invaluable market and product Intel again working this Intel back through the company to our mutual benefit.
  • Any task assigned given by Superior.